Business card

Peter Pan  Patents was founded in year 2012, by Nadav Drori, a senior copywriter in the advertising scene in Israel. After 18 years of leading major campaigns & winning prestigious awards, including creating the mythological quiz “Impossible” in Yedioth aharonot newspaper, I (Nadav) decided to initiate a business which always fascinated me: developing gimmicks, games & inspiring gifts. & as an advertiser, the aspiration has always been to expand the awareness to an idea, by creating unique, innovative, surprising, exciting & enjoyable experience.

The first patent called Patriot – Star of David flying disc (Frisbee). The unbelievable just happened – Star of David has proved that it’s not only one of the most ancient & well recognized symbols in the world it is also one of the best flyers around. & this is maybe, just maybe the proof that Star of David came from heaven.

The Patriot is brand new in the market & being accepted with opened arms & lots of love, in Israel & among Jewish communities all over the world. My email box was flooded with exciting comments & very touching compliments (see customers tab). All this, in addition to my natural born patriotism, gave birth to a new idea – devoting the entire activity of Peter Pan Patents to create products, based on jewish/Israeli icones, that give you a reason to smile.

I believe that this cool and friendly approach opens hearts, give pride and enhance the connection with our roots.


From this point of view the second patent came out: The BoomFlag - a user friendly patent flag, absolutely acoustic, which generate sound like hands clapping. How banal it is passing by a national flag without even noticing it’s existence. The BoomFlag is an Israel hand flag which impossible to ignore. The first reaction  is to take it & try out the wonder. The second  reaction  is not to let it go. BoomFlag is the new hit for Simhas & happenings in Israeli atmosphere, as well as a perfect cheering item for sport events.


Many other original ideas are being now in a process of birth. Soon they’ll ripe & boost the attraction of the Israeli experience.

Peter Pan Patents, for this time, is a “one man band”. I am the inventor, the developer, the production manager, the advertiser, the marketing director, the distributor… the coffee man & the cleaner. So far so good.


My former life (advertising) & the contacts I established along the years open doors for  & contribute a tremendous amount to the growth & success of the business.                                                                                                                                    


To be continued…