Ultimate Patriot

An exciting & challenging sport for teams

Fresh ultimate - the Israeli school of Frisbee sports, developed a new game: Ultimate Patriot.

The game has it’s own rules & moves. Two teams, lots of energy, lots of sweat, lots of fun… and one goal: to possess the Star of David .

The rules of the game

Playing tool

Patriot - Star of David frisbee



6 - 20 players, 2 teams: offense & defense


The target:

The offense is fighting to come back home.

The defense is fighting to bring Star of David (The Patriot) back home.



The offense is taking place behind the start point.

The defense is covering the area behind the equator line, except one player that's standing at the Home base.


Ground rule

None of the defense players is allowed to move around while holding the Patriot.

First act

Offense player is shooting the Patriot as far as possible.

  • The Patriot should pass the equator.

  • If it doesn't - the player has another try.

  • If he fails 3 times - he becomes disqualified.  

Right after shooting the Patriot the player starts running in order to complete full round.

Full round starts at the first base, going thru base 2 and 3, ending at Home base.

  • Home run, which is a whole round in one shot - scores 2 points.

  • If the player can't make home run he should stop at the nearest base, before he's disqualified by the defense.

  • A none Home run round scores 1 point.


The defense team should catch the Patriot and bring it back home as quick as possible.

  • If a defense player is catching the patriot - the shooter is disqualified.

  • If a defense player is catching the patriot by threading it thru its hole - all the offense players who are in the field are disqualified.

  • If the Patriot is getting back home while an offense player is in between two bases -  the player is disqualified.

  • If the Home base defense player catches the Patriot out of Home base, since he's not allowed to move around, one of his  team players should replace him at Home base - so he can pass him the Patriot and bring it Home. 


After all the offense players are shooting the Patriot - 

the teams switch roles and go to the next act